The planetary colony you grew up on is about to explode, the evacuation order has been given, and you can only take three of your worldly possessions. However, you only have two minutes, and you can only play this scenario once.

Featured at Indie Grits Gaming Festival, Indie Grits 2019.

Made for the 2019 Global Game Jam. The theme was "What Home Means to You," and I took the Ephemeral Diversifier, a challenge to make it so the game can only be played once (Though technically you could play it again if you cleared your cache or opened it in a private window...).


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Interesting concept. It was so simple, yet the demand of time gave it a kind of immersion. There was so much to read about each object, and there was so much substance to the story behind each object that I wanted to read them all. But in the short time limit, I didn't have enough time to read more than one all the way through. With another minute or two on the clock I feel I could have enjoyed it more and gotten more of the story.